SPA - wellness center

Great innovation for 2017: Wellness Center SPA inside the Hotel!!


Try out our little new SPA, designed for those who wish to unwind and relax.


Open to hotel guests and external visitors, upon prior booking.

In the upcoming months, tailored treatments and packages will be available for relax enthusiasts, sportspeople, nature lovers or for everyone who desires treating itself to our delicious cuisine along with some beauty treatments.    

The SPA offers a 2 hours Salus per Aquam (Latin: health through water) session with a relaxing whirlpool bathtub with waterfall, steam bath with aromatherapy, sauna, emotional showers with different lights and scents and kneipp path for a plantar massage. After the water session, guests can keep resting in the relax lounge, while drinking a cup of herbal tea.   


SPA for hotel guests

The SPA is available for our guests wishing to enrich their stay with some well-deserved relax, strictly upon prior booking. Entrance is 20 € per person or you can select one of our SPA packages.

SPA for external visitors

The SPA is open to everyone wishing to spend a special afternoon, following below opening hours: from FRIDAY to SUNDAY, from 2 pm to 7 pm, strictly upon prior booking.

The entrance fee is 20 € per person and includes:

  • 2-hours SPA session (the access includes whirlpool bathtub, sauna, steam bath, emotional showers and kneipp)
  • Provision of towel, disposable slippers, complimentary toiletries, hairdryer and locker with key.
  • Access to the relax lounge with chaises longues and herbal tea   

Try out our SPA treatments for a total well-being.


General guidelines for a facility correct use

  • The SPA is accessible up to 120 minutes prior closing time. It is advisable to reach the facility on time.
  • Entrance is forbidden for minors under 12. Entrance for kids from 12 to 18 is allowed under adult supervision only.
  • All along the SPA session it is required to keep the voice down and respect the silence when requested, especially if in presence of other resting users.
  • It is compulsory the use of the bathing costume.
  • It is forbidden the use of mobile phones and electronic devices.

Additional towel: 5,00 €

Alternative bathrobe instead of towel: 5,00 €

Packages December 2017


  • Spa Session

    Spa Session

    Before starting the SPA session, it is strongly advisable to take a warm shower and dry properly: other than for hygienic reasons, this action will enhance the benefits of perspiration within the warm environment. We suggest an ideal path of wellbeing, which is, therefore, 100% customizable according to individual needs. In any case, we recommend taking an emotional shower in between the treatments. Whirlpool bathtub: around 15 minutes per session Emotional shower: tropical drizzle Steam bath: around 15-20 minutes Emotional shower: water blades Finnish sauna: around 10-15 minutes Emotional shower: cold mist Kneipp path Rest in the relax lounge, for water reintegration drink some water or herbal tea, relax in the chaises longues. The relax phase is necessary to restore the body balance and recover after the body-heat variations.

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  • Sauna


    Our SPA sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna in spruce wood. The temperature stands at 70-90 degrees Celsius. The benefits of the sauna are multiple, the high temperature along with the dry air allows the body to eject a great amount of toxins. To safely enjoy the heat bath, it is highly recommended to follow the suggested phases, without overdoing and always listening to one’s own body.
  • Steam Bath

    Steam Bath

    The steam bath is equipped with a high percentage of humidity and is less hot compared with the sauna, its temperature stands at 40-50 degrees Celsius. The benefits are multiple: steam and heat together have beneficial effects on the respiratory system, stimulating the blood microcirculation, purifying the skin, which becomes soft and silky immediately after the treatment.
  • Light and water baths

    Light and water baths

    The emotional showers are useful to take a break in between the treatments and for reinvigorating and clean the body.

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  • SPA treatments

    SPA treatments

    In our Wellbeing Centre, guests can enjoy from several body treatments. We kindly invite our guests to book the favourite treatment at least one day in advance.

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